Kim Bohanan-Parks

Kim Bohanan-Parks

Kim Bohanan-Parks was elected as the Macon County Trustee last Thursday in the county's general election.

Bohanan-Parks, the Republican candidate, finished with 3,069 votes, 49 percent of the total votes cast. Her total was 1,421 more than independent candidate Jordan Andrews - who is currently a deputy clerk in the Macon County Trustee's Office -- and 1,583 more than fellow independent Rhonda Cook.

"I'm super excited," Bohanan-Parks said. "I'm really glad it's finally here. I've worked really hard and had a huge support system from my family, friends, neighbors … everyone."

Bohanan-Parks garnered 47 percent of the total vote to win May's Republican primary against Derrick Dickens and Crystal Swindle.

This will be her first time serving in public office. She described the campaign and election process as "fun, exciting, but much harder work than I had ever imagined."

Bohanan-Parks said she spent election night visiting different precincts all around Macon County with her husband, while family and friends stayed at each polling place.

"I was excited to see the results on all the races," Bohanan-Parks said. "I waited with my family, and it was such a good feeling to see my name up there."

She said she is not sure exactly when her official duties as trustee will begin but believes it will be a good transition from current Macon County Trustee Diane Cook, who is retiring following 12 years in that position.

"I will continue to hopefully serve the office well," Bohanan-Parks said. "Cook will teach me all I need to know."

"Mostly, I felt calm. I went into the race knowing I had a lot of support and that I would feel at ease with whatever happened or whatever the outcome would be. I worked really hard, gave the race my all, and had no regrets. I thought, 'if it's meant to be, it will be,' and I'm glad people had the confidence in me."