Kim Bohanan-Parks

Kim Bohanan-Parks

Kim Bohanan-Parks won the Republican primary election for Macon County Trustee on May 1.

Bohanan-Parks finished with 1,822 votes, more than 47 percent of the total vote. Her total was 795 more than Derrick Dickens and 850 more than Crystal Swindle.

"I had the hope I would win of course," Bohanan-Parks said. "I know I've worked hard, and my opponents have worked hard just as well.

"I was just hoping to win, even if by just a little. I was blown away."

Five individuals qualified in the trustee's race after Diane Cook announced that she was not going to run for reelection after 12 years as the county's trustee.

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"I expected myself as it got closer to time to be a bundle of nerves, but I was so calm," Bohanan-Parks said of election day. "I was just excited for the night to get there. I just wanted to know where it stood one way or the other."

Bohanan-Parks will now be on the August ballot along with independent candidates Rhonda Cook and Jordan Andrews. Andrews is currently a deputy clerk in Macon County.

"It's so exciting," Bohanan-Parks said. "We were so thrilled (to win), my family and friends. I told myself that I was going to take a week or so and relax … not even think about it, just take in the win and enjoy it.

"I got halfway through the (next) day and got those wheels turning. I'm already back kind of working. I know I have a lot of work to do leading up to August. It will be a few days of rest, and then, the work starts again."